Cloud Native Observability: The New Normal for Enterprises

Log monitoring.
Search, analyze, and optimize logs.

Scalable log monitoring software provides a unified view into logs, traces, and metrics to gain full insight into infrastructure & application performance.

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Unify, search, & manage your
logs without limits.

Middleware’s cost-efficient approach to centralized log management enables full visibility
and analysis of your tech stack.

centralized log management system from middleware

Investigate potential threats before they cause damage.


Investigate potential threats before they cause damage.

Our AI-powered system enables you to proactively identify & respond to potential threats.


Diagnose and troubleshoot issues in real-time.

The sooner you can address an issue, the more you can reduce downtime and overhead costs.


Optimize performance across your entire tech stack.

Align and optimize all your applications, servers, containers, and more.

Real-time visibility into performance and errors

With a unified, central location to view all your data, you’ll never miss a critical insight.

  • Summarize log activity in a single interactive dashboard so you can spot potential issues as they pop up
  • Analyze & explore log patterns to identify trends and potential issues
  • Bring your entire team together with a simple process for searching & querying logs
real time search and monitoring
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Integrate & unified your tech stack

Leverage 50+ integrations from open source and traditional platforms, including AWS, Kubernetes, and more.

  • Build a streamlined platform to observe and analyze logs from hundreds of sources
  • Create a structured space to manage datasets and analyze raw log data
  • Turn data into actionable insights with dependency maps, root cause analysis, and custom reference data
  • Customize log boundaries to retain only the most useful and relevant data

High-volume, scalable log management

As your organization grows and your technology needs become more sophisticated, you can rely on Middleware to rise to the occasion with full scalability.

  • Manage logs that fit into your organizational structure, regardless of role
  • Process millions of logs per minute, enabling consistent scalability
  • Stay within your budget and adopt the level of technology that meets your needs
scalable log management

Our top features


Unlimited sources

No matter your tech stack size, Middleware scales to your needs.


Log aggregation

Consolidate all your data to a centralized platform for review and analysis.


Log parsing

Split your unstructured data into attributes to improve analysis and alerts.


Live log trail

Watch or monitor log files in real time from a centralized dashboard.


Control by regex

Quickly test regular expressions against a string to find bugs, vulnerabilities, & hotspots.


Log patterns & analytics

Use advanced clustering techniques to identify recurring patterns in real time.

optimize serverless infrastructure performance

Optimize serverless infrastructure performance

Reduce operational overhead by streamlining performance and troubleshooting issues faster

  • Measure transactions, metrics, logs & traces to increase system observability
  • Monitor serverless “cold starts” to reduce latency and improve the user experience
  • Get real-time, prescriptive answers to problems & optimize resources by identifying root causes

Solve problems at the source.
See Middleware Observability in action.

  • Free forever
  • One-click setup
  • Highly scalable