Cloud Native Observability: The New Normal for Enterprises

Monitor & analyze performance in any environment

Enhance your user experience, improve MTTR with a continuous profiler that analyzes and compares code performance at all points in the process.

middleware continuous profiler

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Make your applications more
efficient & cost-effective

Whether during production, deployment, or any stage of the process, implement
Middleware’s Continuous Profiler to optimize code performance at scale.

implement middleware's continuous profiling for optimal performance

Complete system visibility and context at scale


Find and fix errors faster

Reduce downtime, errors, and MTTR by monitoring traces, logs, data, code, and other insights in real time.


Enhance the user experience

Avoid unhappy users and stressed-out engineers with a seamless, automated optimization process.


Reduce cloud provider costs

Cut back on overhead by letting automation and AI analyze and optimize your code across your entire stack.

Identify potential issues in inefficient code

Continuously analyze each line of code through an automated system, maintaining optimal performance and the user experience.

  • Identify inefficiencies in production, compare and contrast with pre-production environments
  • Augment your cost-reduction efforts through code aggregation across hosts, services, and versions
  • Find and fix difficult-to-reproduce errors quickly to reduce downtime and MTTR
identify potential issues in code
middleware integrations

Gain visibility into every issue

Integrate your data across your entire infrastructure—from Kubernetes, containers, serverless environments, etc.—so you never miss a problem.

  • Optimize methods that may cause issues, bottlenecks, and other problems
  • Identify the root cause of issues by breaking down methods and connecting the dots
  • Pinpoint every distributed trace and tie to the corresponding method or thread

Eliminate code performance regressions

Compare profiles to examine the routine impact of new code during canary, blue/green, or shadow deploys, and make real-time adjustments to regressions as they arise.

  • Reduce resource-heavy methods by identifying error-prone methods and servers
  • Identify the root causes of spikes in latency, CPU utilization, memory, and other areas
  • Monitor code performance and make adjustments directly from your dashboards
eliminate code performance regressions using Middleware

Our top features


Code issue detailing

Catch non-fatal and ANR issues at the source, before they spiral into bigger problems.


Method-level visibility

Provide your developers with the specific information they need to fix the problem.


Full deployment tracking

Automate every stage of deployment and see the impact on performance in real time.


Automated code profiling

Sit back and let Middleware find and optimize your code to maximize application performance.


Enhanced user experience

Simply the observability process with a unified dashboard, detailed filters, automated alerts, and more.


Lower cloud provider costs

Reduce overhead by optimizing your resource load & making adjustments in real time.

automated code profiling insights

Receive automated insights and alerts

Set up out-of-the-box triggers and alerts within minutes so you never miss an insight across your entire infrastructure.

  • Receive suggested application performance suggestions as our AI-powered system uncovers them
  • Prevent system issues like memory leaks and deadlocked threads
  • Uncover actionable insights that anyone can implement—no coding experience required!

Solve problems at the source.
See Middleware Observability in action.

  • Free forever
  • One-click setup
  • Highly scalable