Cloud Native Observability: The New Normal for Enterprises

Visualize your distributed tech stack. APM from Middleware.

Leverage our Application Performance Monitoring (APM) platform to visualize function & resource dependencies, trace errors to the root cause, & fix issues in real time.


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Monitor distributed assets at scale

Gain full visibility into your cloud-native infrastructure with end-to-end distributed
tracing, dependency mapping, and full-stack application performance monitoring.

Monitor distributed assets at scale - APM

Connect the dots for full troubleshooting context

Identify errors wherever they arise

Identify errors wherever they arise

Simplify your cloud native observability, ingesting data from 200+ sources and receiving machine learning-powered alerts in real time.

Spot performance issues in real time

Spot performance issues in real time

Don’t wait for an error to cause a systemwide failure—fix it at the source. Identify root causes and take speedy action to maintain system performance.


Maintain user expectations & deliver on strategic objectives

Our fully scalable APM enables you to optimize the user experience by correlating application performance with business outcomes.

End-to-end distributed tracing

distributed tracing

Get deeper visibility into your applications by capturing and analyzing distributed transactions in context, tracing each outcome and error to the root cause.

  • Analyze insights across your microservices and infrastructure
  • Use machine learning to determine outliers and identify abnormal behavior
  • Tag each transaction with customer metrics and metadata for faster and easier analysis
  • Connect distributed traces to infrastructure metrics, network calls, and live processes

Real-time, full-stack visibility

Investigate incidents faster and reduce downtime with machine-learning insights that surface the most critical issues across your distributed technologies.

  • Automatically surface error and latency outliers during active investigations
  • Leverage customer tags to analyze only the most relevant traces
  • Monitor and track trends and KPIs by generating span-based metrics
  • Compare code profiles by tag and timeframe to analyze performance regressions
Real-time, full-stack visibility

Our top features

No language-specific installation

No language-specific installation

We collect data directly from your machine’s kernel, eliminating the need to install APM for every single language.

Trace route

Trace route

Monitor the journey of a request or function throughout your entire system to identify the root cause and impact radius.

Continuous profiler

Continuous profiler

Automatically monitor system resources to locate, debug, and fix issues as soon as they arise.

Compare latency and throughput

Compare latency and throughput

Keep your finger on the pulse of your system health with integrated, real-time insight into how packets move through your system.

CI/CD visibility

CI/CD visibility

Deploy updates regularly without major outages or errors. Our APM provides deep insight into the health and performance of your environments.


Database monitoring

Quickly and easily infer the internal state of your database system by viewing logs, metrics, and traces from a single location.

Microservice container monitoring

Microservice & container monitoring

Improve your agility, scalability, and reliability by deploying fully automated monitoring for your microservices and Docker containers.

  • Monitor performance across all assets, automatically detecting poorly performing microservices
  • Ensure all cloud native and serverless functions work seamlessly
  • Enable continuous auto-discovery of hosts, VMs, serverless, containers and Kubernetes, logs, events, & more
  • Automatically collect metrics, traces, logs, and other data to improve container health and performance

Dependency mapping

Middleware APM Identify the full impact radius of an incident or error with automated dependency mapping, and drill down for complete analysis.

  • View a visualization of all dependencies, including cloud, messaging, data store, and third-party services
  • Aggregate data from cloud native assets, including Dockerized containers, Kubernetes, and serverless environments
  • Start building dependency maps within minutes—no configuration necessary
Dependency mapping
Low-overhead code profiling

Low-overhead code profiling

Leverage always-on code profiling to track and compare the impact of code deployments, so you can optimize your code and save on computing costs.

  • Monitor and compare canary, blue-green, and shadow deployments
  • Visualize dependencies and pinpoint error and latency outliers
  • Detect bottlenecks in your code and monitor profile aggregations of services and endpoints
  • Deploy in seconds on hosts, containers, serverless functions, and PaaS

Open standards support

Ingest application telemetry data from open standards including OpenTelemetry, W3C trace context, and Jaeger, enabling a future-proof, cost-flexible approach to APM.

  • Utilize unparalleled visibility into a wide range of programming languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, or C++ applications
  • Access flexible support for vendor-neutral standards such as OpenTelemetry, W3C trace context, Jaeger, OpenTracing, and more
  • Leverage 200+ out-of-the-box integrations—no matter the makeup of your tech stack, you get full visibility
Open standards support

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